Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot Chocolate!

Sunday night we decided to make some hot chocolate and watch Polar Express.  Such a cute movie.  I always loved that book growing up and they did such a great job with the movie.  The kids really loved it and Jason is at the age he is really starting to understand Santa so he gets pretty excited when he sees pictures or movies with Santa in them.  As a parent all the Santa stuff is a lot of fun but I also want to make sure that the true meaning of Christmas is what is most important and that the kids know the Santa stuff is fun but they know why we really celebrate Christmas.  I want to be an example of service to them and I would love for them to grow up knowing it is fun to get presents but it is even more fun to give.  I know that is not always the easiest thing with kids but I know that they will pick up on it and will come to understand that.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

O Christmas Tree

The day after Thanksgiving we went to see the movie The Rise of the Guardians.  It was an awesome movie and highly recommend it!!! The kids loved it!  After we got home from the movies we relaxed and then we decided to decorate the house and Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music of course! (sorry about the pant less children.)  Bailey really got into the decorating.  She put up most of the ornaments and Jason helped out at the beginning and got bored with it eventually. :-) 

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we decided to stay in Denver for Thanksgiving.  We were lucky enough to get together with a few of our friends and had a huge and amazing dinner with them.  

Sophie playing with Bailey.  She would chase her and tickle her and Bailey LOVED the attention!

 This is a table of just the appetizers they were all Amazing!!!! (I forgot to take a picture of the dinner)
 And here is the appetizer I made.  It is a fruit salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips. It turned out great!
 Watching some football

We had such a great time spending time with friends and making new friends.  The kids were great and sweet Sophie went around and asked each of us what we are thankful for.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Car and Daddy Time

We had been talking about getting a van for some time now and we just could not find anything here that we liked for the price we wanted so I was curious and started looking for vans in Utah.  I found one I liked and the price was perfect so I bought one way tickets for me and the kids flew out there bought the van and I love it.  It is smooth and spacious and everything we wanted.  

Brad has been traveling like crazy lately.  He has been to Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, California, Florida, and Oklahoma all this year for weeks at a time for most of them.  The past couple of weeks he has been going up to Fort Collins which is almost 2 hours away so we decided to go up there so we can at least see him in the evenings and I don't have to sleep alone.  

Here are the kids at the Mcdonalds play place. 

Here we are at Cafe Rio for lunch with Brad.

Last weekend we decided to go to the Cherry Creek Mall.  The kids had a blast and Miss Bailey wore big girl undies the whole time and did not have any accidents!!! 

 I just love this picture of Bailey. She is such a sweet little girl.  She went through this phase where she was a terror.  She would throw fits like crazy and was just kind of a nightmare at times.  And then something happened... Just in the last month or so she has been a perfect little angel.  She listens, she is polite, loving and just a joy to be around.  Don't get me wrong she definitely still has her spunk and attitude and we love her fun little personality and wouldn't want her any other way! :-) 

At the hotel swimming.
 Just laying out

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012


Yep that's right.  I decided the other night I'm doing it. I am going to run a half marathon!  I will have about 5 months to train.  I plan on doing it in April.  I have a couple of reason for wanting to do this.  I think planning for races helps me get motivated to exercise.  I have been wanting to do a half for awhile now so I would like to accomplish my goal.  And we are going on a cruise and I want to look good in my swim suits. :-) Honestly there are only a couple of areas I would like to work on from having babies.  I am at a great weight for my age and height.  I really just want to be in good shape and accomplish this goal.  I also think about Jason and Bailey.  I want them to see me and Brad exercise to see that is important and we should take care of our bodies but not obsess about it.  Anyway, I started running this morning.  I only did a mile.  I haven't ran in a few months so I wanted to see where I am at.  Let me tell ya it was rough!! I was also pushing the stroller with the kids so that is an extra 50 lbs but I did it!  The next couple of months will be for me to get back into shape and I plan on doing some exercises to strengthen my hips and knees to prevent injuries and then I will follow my training schedule.  So if any of you have ran a half or any type of race and have some good advice for me please let me know! :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

We didn't do trick or treating on Halloween night this year (Brad was out of town and I didn't feel brave enough to do that by myself) Brad's work had their annual party and we had a great time as always.  We didn't get to stay as long this year because I had a relief society activity and I had the opportunity to give a little lesson.  We also had a play group Halloween party with a potluck and the Ward Halloween party with a kid friendly haunted house.  So the kids were able to wear their costumes a few times. 

This year Bailey was a pretty witch. Everyone kept bringing up last years costume.  It pretty much rocked and I don't think I will ever top it :-(  But she made an awesome pretty witch.

 And of course Jason was Spiderman!!!
 Bailey getting her face painted.  She did not move a muscle the whole time.  I tried to get Jason to paint his face like spiderman but he refused.  He is kind of weird about that stuff :-)

 Here is Bailey carefully lining up her candy.  I quickly snapped a picture then took the candy away.  Mean mommy I know.  I do let them eat their candy but I keep the candy hidden or else it would all be gone in a couple of days.

Last Minute Trip

We recently started looking to buy a van and just could not find anything we liked here in Denver so I decided to look in Utah just out of curiosity at first but quickly found out Utah rocks when it comes to having a lot of vans for sale at a great price.  So I booked a one way trip for me and the kids.  My sister-in-law Brandi picked us up from the airport and we stopped at the car dealership and I bought my new van! Since I was already out there I figured we might as well spend some time with family :-) 

Over the weekend we went to a pumpkin patch 

We were lucky enough to be there the same time as Brandi's baby shower.  I am so glad I was able to be there and so excited for their little guy to get here!

On the way home the fall colors in Grand Junction were pretty awesome.
And apparently it is winter in Vail, CO
The kids stuck in traffic.  There was a bad wreck and closed the interstate. Thank goodness for portable DVD players!
Jason in a scary Halloween mask.  Brad used to wear this mask so Jason thought he was pretty cool.
There is Wanda the witch making breakfast for us! Jason loved Wanda the witch especially when she hid candy.