Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, last month was my birthday.  It was much different than my birthday last year. But I can honestly say my birthday this year was equally just as fun.  Yeah being in the hospital last year sucked but Brad and the kids made it a great day!!  

Anyway,  this year my birthday was a blast!  I got to have a nice little getaway with some of my amazingly beautiful friends.  We had a nice dinner, stayed up late chatting, and then the next day had pedicures and lunch.  Then I got to go home to my awesome family and Sunday (my actual birth day) We went to church and then came home and decorated our house for fall and halloween.  Such a great weekend with great friends and my wonderful family.  I could not have asked for more!

Some of my birthday presents from Brad.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life as we know it

Life is so different now that Jason is in School.  When we go out and do stuff during the day I catch myself missing Jason and wishing he could be there with us.  But I know he is having fun at school. 

 I feel like I am still trying to figure out life with a baby, we started doing preschool at home with Bailey this year, and Jason being gone at school.  It is all such a big adjustment.  But we definitely stay busy.  I usually have to make an effort to get out of the house because we it seems to take me twice as long to do such simple tasks.  Parker, bless his heart, he loves his mommy and like to follow me around all day long and strongly dislikes if I turn my back to him.

A while back we went to the Perot Museum with our friends.  That place is so fun.  We were there for two hours and we only saw one little section.  

Someone sneaked a cookie at costco

We like to visit the Disney store on the weekends for fun.  I could spend so much money in that store.  Little Master Yoda.

We are pretty excited the Halloween and Fall decorations are out.  I always think these masks are going to scare the kids but they love them.  (weirdos!)  

Bailey's sweet friend Addie had a birthday this month.  These girls are the sweetest little friends.  They all play so well together and they just love each other.

just a boy and his overalls 

And of course Bailey and her selfies.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Day of School

Summer is over and it is back to school.  Jason was very excited and ready for kindergarten.  I was so nervous for him.  He is a very bashful boy in new situations.  He did great.  He woke up bright and early and got ready by himself.  We walked to school and he sat with his class and headed back to his class room and that was that.  He loves school and his teacher is great.  I love that we live close enough that we get to walk to school every morning.  It is nice to have that little extra time together.  I love that every morning as we are saying good bye he gives us hugs and tells me how much he is going to miss us but I know he has such a great time and is learning and growing so much. His teacher called me the second week of school just to tell me how much she enjoys having Jason in her class. He is such a sweet boy and has been so helpful in the classroom.  This helped calm my nerves to know things are going so well.  It is hard for me to not be there and see what is going on all day.  I am so grateful he has a great teach who communicates with me and really cares about her students.

Summer Break Part 2

We had such a fun busy summer.  Lots of playing with friends and visiting family.  

While the kids were in Utah with Brad's parents we put together out new entertainment center.  I just love how it turned out.  It really brings the whole room together. 

Parkers first plane ride.  He did great.  He fell a sleep on both flights. 

 It was nice we had a couple days in Salt Lake to celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary.

We visited Thanksgiving Point.  

And the kids had a blast at the children's museum.

Once we got back home it was back to real life.  

One of the kids favorite things to do is take pictures, mostly selfies. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Break Part 1

This summer was busy, hot, and lots of fun.  We spent a lot of time at splash pads, the pool, and playing in the water in the back yard.

Brad's basketball team won the championship game in their city league.  He has still got it ;-)

It took us a month or so but we finally finished the kids play set.  And it is a hit.  They have spent countless hours playing on that thing.  It has been Awesome!

We took a trip to Indiana to visit family.  We had some much fun playing with cousins, celebrating birthdays, going to baseball games and making lots of soda runs :-)

Bailey insisted that Brad swim with her in the pool.  Good thing it is just his size ;-)

Bailey turned 4.  We had a fun time celebrating with friends at the splash pad!

Sadly, in July our Legoland pass expired so we used it as many times as possible before it did expire.  Bailey was Finally big enough to drive the cars!