Monday, February 27, 2012


I know I keep saying I am going to do better at blogging. With all the sickness and cold weather I feel like we haven't done a whole lot of blog worthy things but this blog is also my way to remember all fun things we get to experience and all of Jason and Baileys milestones. Since the new year we have hit a lot of them.

Jason has been pretty busy in the bathroom. He is officially potty trained. We had a few rough weeks but I can't remember the last time he had an accident. When we are at home he just goes to the bathroom and does his business without even telling me most of the time and when we are out and about he does an awesome job at letting me know when he needs to go. He is also sleeping much better. Jason has been a horrible sleeper since day one. Occasionally there are nights where we wakes up a couple of times but for the most part he sleeps through the night now! Jason is a smart boy. He knows all of his letter and the sounds they make. He knows his ABC's song. He loves primary and really enjoys singing time. He memorized his first book a little while ago Brown Bear, Brown Bear. He is such a good big brother and friend to Bailey.

Bailey is getting so big. Every day she says or does something that makes me realize she is not a baby anymore. She talks all the time. Most of it is still jibberish but she knows what she is talking about. She says mommy, daddy, Jason, Bailey, mamaw, papaw, nana, pappy, banana, cat, I love you, help you. She knows where her nose, eye, ears, and mouth are. She tells us after she has gone potty in her diaper (Jason never did that) Bailey is an awesome sleeper. She goes to bed at 8 and sleeps until 7 in the morning. She loves to sing and dance. She has a great sense of humor. She is always doing things to make us laugh and loves being the center of attention. Bailey recently lost her binky while we were at the zoo and we decided to see if she could do without before buying another one. She did awesome. She hasn't asked for it once.

As for any future children, that is still a ways away. Right now we are enjoying our family that we have right now. I am leaving the baby having up to my sisters and hopefully soon my sister-in-law :-) I can't wait to go to Indiana this summer and meet my new nieces Emma and Sophia.

I know that kids are way more interesting but Brad and I are doing great. We are still in love and happy as ever :-) Brad has been pretty busy with work and figuring out what his next steps are. He plays basketball a couple of times a week and stays busy being a human jungle gym. I have been busy with the kiddos and looking for a house. We are wanting to buy within the next year so now we are looking for the perfect house for us. I was getting back into running but I am a horrible treadmill runner so I am waiting for the weather to warm up a little and then I will get back into it and back into doing some races.

I will try and get some pictures up in the next couple of days.