Monday, January 26, 2009

Small World

Things have been so crazy. With the baby coming early, Brad graduating, our move,and Brad starting a new job i haven't had much time for anything. Jason is such a handful but a joy! We have been having so much fun with him. It has only been six weeks and he is already so big. I put him in this outfit for church on Sunday and he just looked so darn cute i had to take some pictures and when i looked at them i couldnt believe how big he is! Well our move to Denver went very smooth. We found a nice place and so far we love Denver and we are having a fun time getting to know the area. We were a little nervous about making friends but one night when brad was coming home from work he just happened to be on the same train as a couple in our old ward in Provo and what was even better was they are in our ward here! We knew they lived in Denver but what were the chances that we would see them randomly and they lived right by us and are in our ward! So things are going great for us. eventhough we really miss our friends and family in Utah it is fun starting a new life here.