Monday, January 13, 2014

2 Months

My little baby is not so little anymore :-( He is getting too big too fast! Parker is very alert. Some things he loves
when people talk to him
his swing
watching his brother and sister play
the tv
being outside
being held
taking a bath
his binky

He does not like 
his carseat
having his nose sucked

He is such a happy and content little baby.  He hardly ever cries or complains.  He is so smiley and happy.  I could not ask for a better baby.  

Christmas 2013

Jason is our little chess wizard.  He loves playing games and caught on pretty quick.  He likes to teach people how to play.  He tried teaching Bailey but she could care less about it :-)

This Christmas we decided to go to Indiana.  This was the first Christmas there since we have been married.  Brad traveled the first couple weeks in December so I thought it would be fun to take the kids and go out a couple weeks early.  

Nana and Parker

Luckily the snow went away after a few days

Parker loved the tree. 

 His cute church outfit.  Makes him look like a little old man.

We had a good time decorating the tree with everyone

Parker and his Great Granny

Bailey and Lily

Parker and Pappy

One night we went down to Louisville and did the Lights under Louisville.  It was a pretty cool lights display under ground.