Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of Summer

Making homemade pizza. Yum!

My before picture

And the after.  I love my hair cut.  I love how light it is and it is so easy to style and take care of.
 I am now 30 weeks! I can't believe it is getting so close. I can honestly say I have enjoyed this pregnancy but I am just about ready for him to be here.  I still feel pretty good.  Things are just getting a little uncomfortable and I am always so tired from not sleeping at night.  I can't wait to meet the little guy!

We had quite an eventful day yesterday.  Jason was running on his bed and tripped and went head first into his bookshelf.  I was in my room talking to Brad and I heard Jason crying and I could tell it was a real cry so I go in there and see a scratch on his head and a little blood.  Bummer he has a little boo boo. I start to get closer and I see it is not a scratch but a gash and I can see it goes in pretty deep.  So I start to freak out a little.  So after calming Jason down and calming me down we head over to the doctors office.  The worst part was when they were numbing it.  I am so glad Jason could not see me because I might have lost if a little.  I hate to see him in pain like that.  After that they put three stitches in.  He was such a champ.  He was perfectly still for them and after it all he got a sucker and was a little chatter box on the way home.  Probably just happy it was all over! I know I was.  He is perfectly fine now and hasn't complained about it hurting once.  

 Bailey was feeling left out and wanted her picture taken :-)

Trip to Utah

28 weeks.  How is it I feel huge but when I look at my belly in photos it doesn't look as big as I feel? Well,  I still feel great excepts for the aches and pains in my hips.  It is hard to believe it is almost over.  He will be here soon! :-) He moves around like crazy.  He is so active but I think that will slow down a tad once he gets a little bit bigger and runs out of room in there.  We think we have a name but are going to keep it to ourselves in case we change our mind.  

A couple of weeks ago we went to Utah.  We all drove out as a family then Brad had to fly back to Texas for work.  So me and the kids got to hang out with Brandi, Baby Terran, Lindsey and Tanner, and of course Brads parents.  We had such a great time! We love getting to spend time with family.  Sadly we didn't get to see everyone but hopefully soon we can all get together!

Brad played a mean joke on Aunt Lindsey! Lindsey I had nothing to do with this! :-)