Thursday, August 20, 2009

the past couple of weeks

So sorry it has been a while since i have posted... honestly i just havent been in the mood to post but i have a lot of fun pictures of the past couple of weeks. So recently we went camping with our good friends Todd and Melissa and it was a blast... very cold... but so much fun. We found an awesome camping spot and we didnt even have to pay for it.

Jason just chillin in the tent while we were packing up
This the area where we camped... yeah it was awesome!
Jason with his good friends Melissa!
Me and Jason
Todd and Brad... I dont know what they are doing :-)
Look at those Blue eyes!
Jason pulling himself up onto his knees... my big boy!!!
Jason eating some papa johns!

A couple of weeks ago Brads sister Brandi got married so we took a quick trip to Utah. After the wedding we went to Sand Hallow to enjoy the sun and water.
Brad and his brother Scott
Me and Jason getting a tan!
Four generations of Barretts!
Jason recently made a new best friend.... his reflection. He can seriously sit infront of the mirror for 30 mintues and just talk and smile and give kisses to his reflection it is the funniest!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Someone call 911

Yesterday Brad and I deicided to take Jason downtown to the firefighter museum. It was free and there were a lot of activities going on. Jason really enjoyed himself and of course we had a blast getting to take all those fun pictures of jason and us.

Jason calling 911

Me and Jason in the fire truck
dont worry Jason will save you from the fire!!
Jason the firefighter

Jason driving the truck
Daddy and Jason in the fire truck

After the firefighter museum we decided to head over to the Dever art museum. The first day of the month is free so we thought we would check is out.... turns out we are not that intersted in art. We went to one gallery and it was very strange... like naked statues and paintings and pictures of people doing some weird things... so we decided to leave and take a walk through the greek theater and this really pretty park with lots of gorgeous flowers!
Brad and Jason infront of the city and county building... it was a pretty cool building in person
Me and Jason infront of the steps
Daddy and Jason surrounded by the flowers
Jason enjoying all beauty of the flowers

And this is jason just being a big boy getting up on his knees and hands like its nothing... he really can cover some ground!