Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Family Lately

I can't believe Parker is almost three weeks.  It is definitely going by too fast!! He is such a sweet baby.  Very content and happy as long as his diaper is clean and his belly is full.  The last couple of days have been the most difficult.  I think he is hitting a growth spurt and he is eating about every hour and it is just exhausting!   

Jason and Bailey have been amazing! Now that Brad is back at work it is really hard having three all by myself.  With Parker eating so often I feel like I don't get to spend as much time with the other kiddos but they have been so sweet and playing really well together.  

Jason is doing really well in school.  His teacher called me the other day to discuss how Jason is doing and Jason is a great helper.  He has made lots of friends.  He is excelling in all areas at school.  Every day he climbs into the car after school and lets me know his name was on blue All day! :-) He really enjoys school and loves playing with his friends.

Bailey is really adjusting to having Parker here a lot better than I thought she would.  Every day she seems more interested in him.  She loves to help me by getting diapers and burp cloths.  She likes to pick him up "all by herself".  She has an amazing imagination.  Anytime she is in her room playing I love to hear what game has made up.

Brad and I have been trying to figure out how to handle three kids.  It has been a different experience this time because we are not bottle feeding.  So I am the one getting up every night but Parker is pretty awesome at waking up and eating then going back to sleep and Brad makes sure I am able to get a nap. So that helps a lot! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome Parker Lee Barrett

It has been two weeks since Parker arrived and things have been pretty crazy.  I am trying to figure out this having three kids thing :-) Right now the kids are playing and Parker is sleeping so I figured I would update the blog and share the birth story.  

This Labor and delivery was such a different experience.  I finally came to terms that he was not going to come on his own and I would be induced on the 30th.  I was able to enjoy the last couple of weeks and cherish each moment.  I really enjoyed it up until the day before being induced.  The day before I was kind of a mess.  I had a few break downs and felt a little anxious and nervous and overwhelmed.  I was really excited but knowing what was going to happen the next day was kind of crazy.  

So we arrived at the hospital at 7:30 in the morning and checked in.  They hooked me up to the IV.  At about 9:30 my Dr. came in and broke my water and they started me on pitocin.  That is when my contractions started to pick up but I still wasn't ready for an epidural.  I really wanted to wait as long as possible and just breath through them.  Finally at about 11 or 11:30 I asked for the epidural and after that we just waited.  Finally it was time to push.  I think I pushed for about 5 minutes or so and he arrived at 12:38 pm.  He was a perfect 8 lbs 3 oz and 20.5 inches long.  

I got a little bored while we were waiting :-) 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quick update on Baby Barrett

This pregnancy has been wonderful. I last couple of weeks have been getting rough because of the aches and pains but over all very easy.  I took this picture a couple of days before I was 33 weeks.

This is where I am at 33 weeks
All day Monday I was feeling contractions.  As the day went on they got stronger and more painful.  Then they started getting closer together.  They started at about every 10 minutes.  I headed over to my doctors office to have it checked out and everything seemed fine.  I wasn't progressing so he sent me home and said just take it easy.  A good friend of mine was watching the kids until Brad got home.  The contractions were not going away so we decided to let Jason stay the night at his friends house and if I needed to go to the hospital we would drop off Bailey.  Well,  once we got Bailey to bed we made a quick hospital bag just in case.  Then we just waited.  We had some snacks.  We played some video games.  Finally at midnight the contractions were about 2-4 minutes a part so we decided to head to the hospital.  Once we were there for a little while they decided they would try and stop the contractions so they put me on magnesium.  YUCK! I had to stay in bed, it made me super sleepy, dizzy, and blurred my vision.  Well, the contractions did slow down.  They did not stop completely so the next morning they took me of the magnesium and just monitored me.  Eventually the contractions pretty much stopped.  We moved rooms to a more comfortable bed and now we are stuck here till Wednesday when I am 34 weeks.  

Today is my birthday :-) what a great birthday present! (enter sarcasm) Today I get to spend the whole day in the hospital in my bed, have Yummy hospital food and my babies are leaving me for a couple of weeks.  Things have been getting really difficult and stressful for me and Brad.  So Brad's mom is here to get the kids and she is going to take them back to Utah for a little while.  I am so grateful for their help and support but it seriously breaks my little mommy heart to think of them being gone for so long.  Okay enough complaining.

The baby is looking great.  I am only have a few contractions a day which is great.  So I will get to go home on Wednesday and be on bed rest there and just wait for this little guy to come out.  This has been one of the most difficult things I have experienced.  It was physically difficult at first but now it is mostly emotionally difficult.  But I am healthy and they baby is very healthy and it won't last forever.  It is something that our family will learn and grow from.  In this experience we have made some really great friends.  We have come to realize even more how important our family is.  And it has strengthened my testimony even more.  Like I said this hasn't been easy but never once have I felt alone.  I am so grateful that I have my Heavenly Father to protect and comfort me in these difficult times.  It has given me so much peace to know I am never alone. And pretty soon our sweet little baby boy will be here and be a part of our awesome family! :-)

A couple of Firsts

A couple of weeks ago Jason and Bailey both had some exciting first days! 

Jason had his First day of School!!! It was such an busy exciting morning I don't think anyone had time to think about what was going on.  Usually when I drop him off at school I just go to the front door and teacher is there to take him to his class but since it was the first day I decided to go in with him and make sure he was comfortable but I think I mostly did it for me.  As I was leaving I turned around and waved by and blew him a kiss and he said he to I am going to miss you so much.  That right there just about broke my heart.  So all day I was worrying about him and counting down the hours to go pick him up.  He had such an awesome day.  He was pretty excited to tell me his classroom job was the flag holder! He told me about the friends he made and he had fun but he didn't get to play with legos :-( haha 

Miss Bailey girl had her first day of pre ballet class.  She is such a natural.  She loves to dance and move like the princesses do.  There are four adorable girls in her class and their teacher is a good friend from church and she does Amazing with them!! It is not easy to keep the attention of 4 three year olds but she is awesome! Bailey loves the freeze dance game and she does great practicing her first position and second position. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bailey the Photographer

I was getting ready to update my blog.  A lot has been going on in the past couple of weeks.  When I was looking at my pictures I could not pass up the opportunity to post Bailey photography skills.  She plays with my phone a lot and she loves taking pictures of all sorts of things.  Here are a few of my favorites.

She is such a hoot.  I don't know what we would do without her fun crazy personality.  She makes us all laugh every single day.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of Summer

Making homemade pizza. Yum!

My before picture

And the after.  I love my hair cut.  I love how light it is and it is so easy to style and take care of.
 I am now 30 weeks! I can't believe it is getting so close. I can honestly say I have enjoyed this pregnancy but I am just about ready for him to be here.  I still feel pretty good.  Things are just getting a little uncomfortable and I am always so tired from not sleeping at night.  I can't wait to meet the little guy!

We had quite an eventful day yesterday.  Jason was running on his bed and tripped and went head first into his bookshelf.  I was in my room talking to Brad and I heard Jason crying and I could tell it was a real cry so I go in there and see a scratch on his head and a little blood.  Bummer he has a little boo boo. I start to get closer and I see it is not a scratch but a gash and I can see it goes in pretty deep.  So I start to freak out a little.  So after calming Jason down and calming me down we head over to the doctors office.  The worst part was when they were numbing it.  I am so glad Jason could not see me because I might have lost if a little.  I hate to see him in pain like that.  After that they put three stitches in.  He was such a champ.  He was perfectly still for them and after it all he got a sucker and was a little chatter box on the way home.  Probably just happy it was all over! I know I was.  He is perfectly fine now and hasn't complained about it hurting once.  

 Bailey was feeling left out and wanted her picture taken :-)