Sunday, April 18, 2010

Enjoying the nice weather

Its has been getting so nice out lately and it has been great to spend time outside and let Jason just run around and wear himself out. We recently got our zoo pass and I am so excited about it. A lot of the other moms that I go to church with have zoo passes also. so it will be fun to get out and get to socialize with adults :-) Last weekend Jason and I took a little trip downtown to visit Brad for lunch and it was amazing outside.

Jason waiting for the train
Jason and Brad being looking guys I know :-)
Jason playing basketball on the porch...i wish he had more room to play like a backyard but maybe someday!
So i have noticed lately that Jason loves to play in playgroup he found little Lydia's and played in it for about 45 minutes straight.

The playoffs have started!!!! and it just so happens that our team the Utah Jazz are playing Denver Nuggets and brads work and an awesome deal on some tickets so we got to take advantage of them and go to the first playoff game.
Me and Brad waiting for the train to go downtown
Our seats were so awesome...we were in the 3rd row and had a great view.
Us on the was such a blast. Dont let this picture fool you...its kind of hard to see my belly but its there!!
The highlight of Brads night....he got to sit by Snookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Anderson AKA Birdman has a wingspan of 7ft 2in... brad is pretty close!!!
Me....not so much.... even though the Jazz lost we really enjoyed the game. however that will probably be our last time going to a Nuggets game thanks to drunk rude fans that splashed beer on us numerous times and were oh so Very annoying.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter weekend

This past weekend was easter and we started it off on Friday with a group of friends at the park. We did an egg hunt and a pot luck dinner. i knew Jason wouldn't be interested at all in looking for plastic eggs so I didn't hide any for him... he did find someone else's and picked it up for about three seconds and then threw it back down. I felt really bad for not hiding any for him but once I saw him do that I was glad I didn't.

Jason finding an egg
After getting bored with the egg Jason decided he wanted to swing. Don't let the grumpy face fool you he really was enjoying it.
Jason's easter basket full of toys and candy that Brad and I ate :-)
Jason with his new hair cut. It was getting so long... he looks so much older with his hair short.
Jason kind of giving me a smile. he is such a smiley boy but he see the camera he refuses to smile... it drives me nuts!!! :-)