Monday, March 29, 2010

big bellys and a handsome boy!

I have been wanting to put jason in a suit that Brads parents got him for christmas for awhile now but i have been lazy and havent bought him black shoes and then i finally realized its a 24 month outfit and wont fit him for a few more months probably but thats okay i went ahead and took the white shirt and tie and put it together with some pants he has and he looked adorable... i know the suit will look even cuter but this will work for now :-) He just looks like a little man in this outfit.

he looks so much older in this picture for some reason
Jason holding his scriptures
He refused to smile...of course!
And for those of you who are interested how our little girl is doing...she is definitely growing! Here is a picture of me at 21 weeks... yeah im only 21 weeks...but some days i feel like i am 30 weeks. Everything is going really well. I feel great most of the time and she growing and is very healthy. I am so excited it is starting to warm up and i checked the weather and there are no snow storms coming up anytime this week so we will get to get out and enjoy the warm weather and get a little bit of exercise in!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snow storm

Tuesday night we were hit with a huge snow storm. it was so weird cause that day it was in the 50's and sunny and then all of a sudden it started raining and thundering...which was kind of fun...i love thunder storms but then around 5 it turned into snow by the time we got home from picking brad up the ground was covered and just a couple hours later there was at least two inches on the ground. this is what we woke up to! the one good thing about this storm was Brad got to stay home from work and hang out with us a little. Gotta love Colorado!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Its a baby....

GIRL! we went to the doctor this morning and everything looks great! she is very healthy and is measuring wonderfully! and its a girl so that is very exciting. I pretty much knew the whole time... this pregnancy is just a lot different from Jason and i just had The feeling... mothers intuition or whatever :-) but we are very happy and just cant wait to meet her! Here are a few fun pictures that i really liked.

It's a girl!!!
Her little feet
All snuggled
Waving hello!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New camera

So I finally got my new camera this week and i am pretty excited! Its a lot smaller than my last one and easier to carry around with me wherever i go! here are a few pictures I have taken since i have had it. Yesterday was Amazing. It was close to 70 degrees and we had play group so we went to the park and Jason had a blast playing in the sand and being outside.

My goofy husband. i sure do love him... and he is kind of nice to look at too :-)
more fun at the park
In the evenings we like to play in Jasons room for a while and Jason really likes to play games in his crib. I love it because it has really helped him become more comfortable with his crib and room and since we have been doing this he has been sleeping much much better.

Jason stuffing a banana in his mouth
Our cute little boy...he sure does make us happy!