Monday, January 19, 2015

Exciting News!

We are so excited to announce we are expecting baby #4!!!   I am 16 weeks and feeling great.  This has been the easiest pregnancy so far.  I have not been sick at all.  Just the normal being tired and going to the bathroom every 5 seconds.  I feel a little extra tired this time but I think that has more to do with I am chasing three other little ones around all day :-)  We are super excited to complete our family and add another awesome kid to our family.  Hopefully this week we will find our the gender.  Although, Bailey has already informed us it is a girl and her name is Hailey!  

Life the past few months

Life has been so crazy the last few months.  With Brad SUPER busy at work, the holidays, and traveling I am not even sure how I am functioning.  

November was pretty chill.  We had an easy going Thanksgiving with some great friends and of course we celebrated the most awesome guy in our lives birthday! My sweet husband turned 31 this year.  This year was a little rough with a few of us having a stomach bug.  So I didn't get to celebrate the way I really wanted but we got to see a cool movie and go out for dinner that I mostly enjoyed (I was still pretty queasy from the sickness)  

December was crazy busy.  We had a fun family birthday for Jason.  I can't believe he is SIX!!!! That boy is so sweet and smart.  He amazes me everyday.  It is so fun to see him grow and mature.  He is really into basketball right now.  He just started his league in December and he is loving it! He tries so hard and has improved in just the short time he has been playing.  Christmas was crazy, busy, hectic, and so much fun!!!! We were so happy to have Brads family come visit but we missed a couple siblings that weren't able to make it.  And I am horrible at taking pictures so I don't really have any of us with family.  The week after Christmas we headed to Indiana so hang out with my family for a week and had a great time.  The kids love seeing their cousins and we usually get to spend quality time with the other adults because we never see the kids once they are together. :-) 

With the holidays over now we are back to normal life and busy getting ready for our Disney World trip at the end of the month.