Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy fathers Day and the past couple weeks

Yesterday we all celebrated Fathers Day! It was a fun day. We woke up had breakfast, me and jason gave Brad his fathers day gifts and we went to church. Then later that afternoon we got to go over to a friends house for a cook out. It was a great day. Brad is an amazing dad. Everday he comes home from work the look on Jasons face is priceless. You can tell he really loves his dad!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sitting up

Not much has been going on.  That is why i havent posted in quite some time.  But recently a pretty big event has happened.  Jason is sitting up all by himself!  I was getting worried that he was never going to do it because everytime i tried to get him to do it he never showed any interest and would just fall over.  Then one day he started doing it by himself.  It was so exciting to see.  When brad and I started cheering he just looked so proud of himself. It was pretty darn cute.  He isn't quite good enough to play with toys while he sits up yet.  but he is pretty happy with himself.