Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last week Jason and I took a trip to Indiana to see my family and we had such a good time. Sorry there are kind of a lot of pictures but we took the kids to the childrens museum and they had a blast!!!

Jason at the Bob the builder exhibit
Jason and Mommy

Jason, Gavin,and Pappy
Here is Me and Jason on the carousel
Jason and Pappy playing with the dinosaurs
I really loved this museum becuase it is so hands on they could just play with everything. here is jason playing with dinosaur eggs

Jason and Sam playing the the toy dinosaurs
Jason and my dad infront of the big T-Rex

It was a really great trip...we missed brad a lot but enjoyed spending time with my family and Jason loved playing with his cousins especially Lily and Lexi! he loves Sam too but sam was a little too rough at times and Jason wasnt sure how to handle it :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring in Colorado...

So this is what I woke up to this morning and yes it is May! ugh sometimes I really dont like Colorado. Thank goodness we are going on vacation on Saturday...sadly we aren't going to the beach or anywhere exotic. We are just going to Indiana but we get to see my family woo hoo :-) and i know it is not snowing there!!! hopefully by the time we get back it will be warm and we can start working on our tans :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ironman St. George 2010

While we were in St George we also were able to see Brads dad compete in an ironman. It was nuts but a very cool thing to watch and our Family friend Burt also competed...we are so proud of both of them. It is such an accomplishment!!

Here is Brads Dad taking off on the 2.4 mile swim
our little family
Trying to distract jason so we could leave...it wasnt working!
Burt on the 112 mile bike ride
Chris taking a quick break to say hi to us!
Our sweet little Jason
Chris on the 26 mile run
Here comes Burt still looking strong
Chris finishing the race!!!

vaca to st george

We recently took a trip to St George to visit Brads family. It was so nice to get away have a few days to relax a little and it was great to see Brads family.
Four generations of Barretts
Where did Jason go?
climbing into his old baby toy
I think this was Jasons favorite thing to do there. As soon as we turned our head he would sprint to the computer room.
Father and son...so cute!!!
Jason sitting in his rocking chair with his new book