Thursday, February 24, 2011

We found Nemo...part 2

Bailey didn't enjoy pictures too much this night. It is pretty dark in the building and the flash was really bright and she did not like that at all!
This was the most active snake we have ever seen! It was just following Jason. It was kind of creepy!
Jason interested in ALL of the fish!
A lot of the time I cut off Brad's head in pictures by accident, but this one was on purpose. They could stick their heads up in the bubble and get a really cool view of the fish.
Jason loves exploring with his Daddy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Found Nemo...part 1

This past weekend we took a trip to the aquarium and it was a blast. Jason loved seeing all the different fish and creatures! Every time we saw a fish he either said NEMO! or went Chomp! pretending to eat the fish. :-) Bailey enjoyed just strolling around and watching Jason run around like crazy. I took a lot of pictures so I thought I would break it up into two parts so I don't bore you to death with pictures!

Brad and Jason by the big monkey...Jason does not get scared very easily but he was totally freaked out by this.
Me and Jason in front of the tiger.
Up on the bridge.
Sweet Bailey... and no her hair is not this dark it is just the lighting. I don't have a 600 hundred dollar camera...yet! :-)
Jason petting the Rays. He spent about 30 minutes here!
I can't believe he did this but Jason got to touch a snake!!!
The scared diver
The crazy diver
and the happy diver!
Mommy and Jason with the Shark!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Professional Crawler

Bailey has been crawling on her knees for a couple of weeks now and I finally got a video. It is just a short one but she is too cute. She is starting to crawl into other rooms and explore a little. It definitely makes my life easier and more difficult as the same time! We love to see her learn and grow everyday. She is the happiest and sweetest little girl.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bringing down the House!!!!

This week has been a fun filled week of basketball again! Wednesday we went to the BYU vs. Air force game with a group of our friends and had a great time! Sorry I didn't take any pictures! Then Thursday Brad had a church ball game. We almost didn't go because Brad got home from work late and I forgot so we weren't ready but Brad really wanted to play so we got ready really fast and headed over to the church. Well Brad did great and they won by quite a bit like they always do. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed because Brad always come home from ball on Saturdays saying a he dunked on this person and so I was hoping to see a little action. Sadly he didn't dunk it during the game. Little did I know I was in for a HUGE surprise. After the game had ended he was just messing around and someone told him to dunk it (he had tried a couple of times during the game and it just never happened) so he goes in for the dunk and after he dunked it a little more came down than just the ball. Like some glass and rim!!! Yeah that's right my husband broke the basketball goal! Everyone was in shock at first and once we calmed down I thought it was pretty awesome! I mean how many times do you break a basketball goal (unless you are Shaq)

The view from behind the goal. You can see some glass is missing and the whole backboard is shattered.
The side view!!!!
And the view from the front!

Another fun thing we did recently was a little camp out in our living room. Well actually it was just me and Brad during the night. We starting 24 season 6 and wanted to stay up late but of course we wanted to be in our comfy bed (we might have finished that season in a week...but who is keeping track right?!) We also wanted a couple of nights without Bailey in the same room (it was great) and of course she slept through the night! Anyway the kids thought it was pretty cool when they woke up in the morning to this! Brad and I talked and once Jason started sleeping in his bed better we were going to start camp out fridays! Pretty much it is just where we do this every friday night. We stay up "late" and watch a movie that Jason will enjoy and sleep in the living room. We thought it would be a fun little tradition!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Question

I have a question for you blogging experts. How do you change the color of your blog title. Okay so maybe you don't have to be a blogging expert but I have been trying to figure it out for months now and no luck. As you can see me title is orange to match an old background I had. I know I have changed it before but I cannot remember how! Please help it is driving me nuts!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bailey crawling!!!

Yep that's right it is time to baby proof the house again we have another mobile child in our home! Bailey just turned 7 months yesterday. She is such a sweet little girl and is a pure joy to have in our lives. Here is what Bailey is up to these days.

  • Sleeps through the night
  • Loves to eat!!!!
  • Gives mommy and daddy kisses
  • Starting to crawl
  • Can get into a sitting position by herself
  • Loves to play with her big brother!
  • Gets mad if Daddy doesn't hold her when he gets home from work
  • Loves her Binkie
  • Loves to smile!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Play time

A video of the kids playing together in their room. They are too cute!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Basketball Jones

It is no secret that we are a basketball loving family. Brad and I both grew up playing ball. Brad is lucky and he still gets to play basketball at least twice a week. Me on the other hand well it is very difficult to find a group of girls that play basketball. So these days I am just a hard core fan that loves to play whenever I get the chance!! Brad and I have noticed recently that we passed the basketball loving gene onto our son Jason. For his birthday this year we bought him a basketball hoop and from day one he has Loved it. He plays Every day and multiple times a day and he is actually really good! We were all really shocked at how he has such good form just naturally. Majority of his shots go in and when he gets bored with just shooting a plain old jump shot he will come up with trick shots. Well these past couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to go to some really good basketball games. Brad and I got to go on a date!!!!! His work took everyone to a Nuggets vs. Jazz game and we had a blast (probably because the jazz won). Here are some pictures from that evening!

Brad and I on our way downtown
Here we were a little bit closer to the floor than our seats were.
Finally, we got to our seats! (it was quite a climb)
The view from our seats. Yes we were three rows away from the Very top! Hey! they were free for us!
The final score! Nuggets 106 Jazz 113!!! I am SO glad they won because I was cheering pretty loud for the Jazz and I would have been pretty embarrassed if they would have lost. I am also so glad they won because Brad and I both STRONGLY dislike the Nuggets and the nuggests fans! (sorry if any of my friends that read this are nuggets fans) They are probably the quietest crowd except for when it comes to cheering against the other team and when their players tackle the other team and are complete punks! Anyway I am glad they won and we really did have a great time!
We also were able to go to the BYU vs. Colorado State basketball game as a family! It was so much fun and it was Jason's first Real basketball game. We have gone to watch Brad play many times and Jason really likes that but this was completely different. With all the lights, noise, and players Jason was mesmerized. He sat there and watched the whole game. He even got into it! They were some calls the fans didn't like (I know that's a big surprise) and they started yelling. Jason thought it was pretty cool and he decided he had a few words for the refs! It was pretty much just jibberish but it was really funny. Here are a few photos to remember that night.

Eating dinner before the game. This is Jason's first happy meal! So of course being a weird mom I had to take a picture of it!
Here we are after the game. Go Cougs!
Me and my babies! They both did so awesome and we can't wait to do it again! In fact we will be going to the BYU vs. Air force game this coming Wednesday. This time we will be leaving Bailey with some friends but it will still be lots of fun!