Saturday, September 26, 2009

9 Months

Wednesday Jason had his 9 month check-up and it went very well. He is now 21lbs, 29 inches and very healthy! As of right now Jason enjoys
*crawling all over the place and getting into things he is not supposed to and he is up to his knees know (finally)
*pulling himself up onto everything
*playing in the bathroom
*trying to crawl into the tub while i am showering
*eating! (anything)
*saying Everything but Mama
*his reflection
*clapping and waving
*he has 6 teeth but i dont think he enjoys them too much right now
*follows me around the house like a little puppy
*likes to sing with us

Those are just a few things he is keeping us busy with and we enjoy him more and more every single day! He is such a blessing in our lives.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Times

Here are just a few pictures from the last few weeks. Not a lot has been going on so thats why i havent posted in a while.

Jason helping me fold some laundry
worn out little boy
snack time... he loves him some bananas
Jason and Kathryn having a good time together
Jason trying a sucker... mommy didnt let that last very long :-)
Daddy and Jason on the train
Mommy and Jason
Brad and Jason playing some Xbox 360

Yesterday we went to the red vs rockies baseball game with our friends Todd and Melissa and had a fun time! It was a little weird cause we were kinda cheering for the Reds because my parents are big time fans and they bought Jason his cute reds outfit! and the Reds lost but it was still fun!

Us at the rockeis game
Me and Melissa
Me, Melissa, Todd, and Jason
That is where we were sitting $1 tickets
This is where we ended up sitting on the first base line.
Jason still going strong at 9 something at night!