Friday, November 12, 2010

4 Months and Snow Days

Bailey is now four months and I just can't believe it has already been four months. Life is very crazy with a toddler and an infant! I would not change it for the world. They are so much fun and Bailey is starting to interact a little more so that makes it even more fun. Bailey had her check-up this week and it went very well. She is 25 inches (90th percentile) 12lbs (20th percentile) and i can't remember her head circumference but she is the 50th percentile. So he is a tall and skinny little girl but very healthy! Bailey loves to smile and is Very ticklish. She loves to watch her big brother play and wishes so badly she could join him. Bailey started rolling from belly to back at like a month and about a week ago she started rolling from back to belly. She sleeps really well at night and is not the best napper. But as long as she sleeps through the night I am a happy mama. She loves playing with her hands and feet. She likes to stick her fist in her mouth and chew on it. She LOVES her Binky which is okay with me (for right now). I was going to start her on solids but I am going to wait till we get back from our vacation because the doctor didn't seem worried about it! Well that is Bailey as of right now! But she is growing and learning new things everyday and we just love her so much!
Bailey and Big brother Jason (they totally did this with their arms all by themselves I thought it was sooo cute)
Pretty Bailey girl and her Big blue eyes
My big Four month old girl.

Also this week we had our first snow fall. I was very excited. We have a lot of sunny days here so it is nice to have a cold snowy day just to stay home and relax.

Jason playing on our deck when it was snowing. It was so cold but that didn't bother him at all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We are the Champions!!!

Congrats to my awesome husband for winning his basketball league championship!

The Champs...Aaron is not too pumped about taking the picture :-)
The boys in their new t-shirts!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Growing like weeds

Today I looked at my kids and I just couldn't believe my eyes. They are getting so big so fast. It is so fun to see how they are starting to interact with each other and how protective Jason already is. Jason will be 2 next month and Bailey is already four months. They are the sweetest kids and everyday I am so grateful that I get to stay home with them.

Brother and sister
Bailey in her bouncer
Deer in headlights look but still so cute :-)
Silly Bailey

Last week we took a trip to the zoo with some friends.
Jason and Kathryn a couple of little monkeys
Jason and his girlfriend Mia
Jason and his other girlfriend Kathryn
Best Buds...Jason sure loves his sister
My sweet little boy...I can't believe he is almost 2

Monday, November 1, 2010

trick or treat

I am a little upset with myself because I didn't get a great picture of the kids in their costumes but they looked pretty darn cute. Jason was a pirate this year. He would not keep his eye patch, earring, or head band thing on but I didn't really expect him to. Bailey was a pretty princess! It was a little big on her but she still looked adorable! Brad's work had their little event this year at the childrens museum and then we headed over to our church for the trunk or treat. It didn't take long for Jason to get a hang of the trick or treating thing :-)

Jason playing at the museum
Jason on the firetruck. He Loved this stuffed dog.
Bailey in her princess dress
The kids after a Long day!! Yeah Jason is one of those guys who wears sunglasses inside!! haha