Monday, October 19, 2015


At the beginning of the summer we had some visitors. Brads parents and sister Brandi with her son Terran all came out because Brads sister Lindsey was going to have her baby any day.  

Brad had been traveling and I was extremely pregnant his parents were so nice and did our yard work.  The kids helped ;) 

One day we went to the Fort Worth Zoo.  It was such a fun zoo but I think the kids enjoyed the treats the most!

Every day we have to wait in the crazy car line at Jason's school.  We have to get there about 25 minutes before school is out and the line is still crazy long!!  So we find ways to stay entertained.  If you are with Bailey you are pretty much guaranteed to be entertained.  

The kids were able to participate in a sports camp this year.  They both really enjoyed it but I think they were just as happy once it was over.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was either sitting on the couch from exhaustion or out trying to walk this baby out of me!  I could always count on Parker to come hang out with me and play with my hair.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Family Time

It has been really fun looking back at all my pictures from this last year.  I feel like everything has been a big blur.  With being pregnant and having a baby and the kids starting school we have been very busy! 

Back in May we got to go to a Rangers game with Lindsey and Tanner! (I love living by family) We had great seats, yummy food, and a fun time! I can't remember if they won... I blame mom brain!

This summer I was determined to go to the splash pad and pool as many times as possible before the baby came. The kids favorite is a lunchable picnic at the splash pad!


I was able to go to Jason's field day.  It was so fun to see him do the activities and interact with his friends.  This boy seriously loves school.  He is super smart and a social bug! 

Family time at home is definitely my favorite.  At heart we are homebodies but with work, callings, and multiple children we have a very busy life so we don't really get to sit around and just hang out very often. But I just soak in those times when they do happen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Disney World Part 2

This was such a great trip.  Every trip to Disney is such a different experience.  I just love that no matter how may times we go each trip is unique and special.  

We were at Disney World for a total of 9 days.  This was a really cool because we were able to do Magic Kingdom 3 days and all the other parks 2 days.  Honestly, this might have been a little too long with three little kids but when the vacation was over we definitely felt satisfied and ready to get home.  Well, at least Brad and I did.  I am pretty sure the kids would have been happy to stay another week. At the airport on the way home Jason said he wanted to go to Disney World again.  He is so my child :-) 

This time we really tried to focus on exploring Epcot.  We went into a lot of buildings we have never been in.  This kids loved all the hands on activities in the Innoventions buildings.  They also loved the kidcot fun stops.  At each country around the world showcase they have a little spot where the kids can sit down and color and do a little craft. 

Jason in the Sharks mouth at Sea Base.  This is such a fun building.  It is the building with the Nemo ride.  There is also Turtle Talk with Crush.  The aquarium in there is HUGE! Did you know the tank holds 5.7 million gallons of water!!! There is also this fun hands on fun play area.  And of course plenty of fun fish to look at.  

Two words.  MICKEY BAR! Honestly,  I have no idea how many Mickey Bars my children consumed this trip.  I would say probably at least two every day.  After this trip we decided to start a mickey bar budget!

As our kids get older I feel like we are able to enjoy Hollywood Studios more.  This is such a fun park!  There a lot of fun rides and amazing shows to enjoy.  This year was especially fun because Jason and Bailey were tall enough to ride Tower of Terror.  I was sitting by Bailey and that poor girl.  I have never felt her shake the way she did when that ride dropped! It is was so funny but so sad at the same time.  She said she liked it but did Not want to do that again.  

When we were there the new Cinderella movie was about to come out to theaters so they had to Actual carriage that they used in the movie.  So we got some fun pictures in front of it.  It was so pretty.  I wish we could have sat in it.

The thing we were Most excited for was Jedi Training.  We did this the last time we went and Loved it.  This was probably the only negative to our trip.  It rained that day and the training is on a stage outside so they had a cancel it.  The kids were pretty bummed but they still got to meet Darth Vader.  

I love this picture.  That probably sounds mean since Bailey is obviously very sad.  But if you look in the back ground in the water you will see something floating.  Bailey dropped Brad's water bottle and was super upset about it.  This picture was taken after she had just finished crying hysterically.  It really was not a big deal.  It is just a water bottle but it really upset her.  

Of course we finished our trip with our favorite park.  Magic Kingdom.  

We tried a new breakfast.  1900 Park Fare.  It is located at the Grand Floridian Resort.  Such a beautiful hotel.  

I am torn with this Character breakfast.   Once we were inside the restaurant I was a little underwhelmed.  And the only character I really enjoyed was Mary Poppins.  She was amazing.  All the others were so so.  But the food was AMAZING! They had such a great variety and wonderful options for children and adults.  
I probably wouldn't do it again but it was fun to try something new.

One thing I really wanted to experience was the newest parade.  The Festival of Fantasy Parade.  I had read so many wonderful things about it.  It did not disappoint.  It was so magical.  The floats were beautifully decorated and like no other floats I have seen before.  My favorite was the Rapunzel float.  Jason Loved the Maleficent float.  It was pretty spectacular.  

Overall, it was a great trip! Disney is something so special to me personally.  I love that I have an amazing husband who is so supportive and has really grown to love it almost as much as I do over the last 9 years and we can share it with our children. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Disney World 2015 Part 1

Okay,  let me see if I remember how to do this.  I have not blogged in So long.  So much has happened and it will take me some time to catch up but I am determined! 

So I want to start with our Disney World trip back in January/February.  

This was such an amazing trip.  We just love Disney. Disney is one of Brad's clients so he was already down there for work.  So I got to fly by myself with three kids and 17 weeks pregnant.  It actually went really well.  So we got to the resort had dinner and got to bed ready to start our adventure!

Our first morning we headed over to the Contemporary Resort to eat breakfast at Chef Mickeys.  This was a new experience for us.  We love to start our vacation with a character breakfast with Mickey Mouse! This one was not our favorite but it was still such a great time and the kids had a blast. 

After breakfast we went straight to the Magic Kingdom.  This is definitely our favorite park.  This day was probably the most memorable day for me.  Personally, the first day is always the most magical! 

The second day we went to Epcot.  I love that the kids are getting older and are more interested in Epcot.  I think it gets overlooked a lot when really there is so much fun stuff to do here!! 

So after the first couple days my mom arrived.  We were so excited she was coming to see her and have an extra set of hands.  So my mom walks into our hotel room and a few seconds later there is a knock on the door.  I open it to see my dad!! He surprised all of us including my mom.  Such a great surprise and the kids were ecstatic!!! 

So then we headed over to Animal Kingdom.  Our second favorite park.  We went straight to Expedition Everest.  We rode is 6 Times is 15 mintues!!!! I think total that day we rode it 12 times.  I think Jason liked it. :) 

On of my new favorite restaurants is Be Our Guest.  We just did lunch.  At the time we were there it was a walk up quick service.  It was So pretty inside and the food was Delicious!!! We will definitely be going back next time.

And of course we ended the day with Wishes firework show!