Monday, April 22, 2013

A quick trip to Texas

Over Valentines Day weekend we took a quick trip to Dallas to check things out and look at areas we wanted to live in and hopefully find an apartment.  It was a fun successful trip. 

 I have said this so many times but I seriously have the most amazing kids in the car.  We have done quite a bit of traveling since both of them were born and I am sure that has a lot to do with it but they seriously never cry or complain.  As long as they have snacks movies and little activities they are good to go.
 Going out for our Valentines Day dinner

 I am so lucky this guy is my valentine every year! 

While we were down there we met up with a friend of Brad's that he used to work with and we all went out for dinner.  They chose an amazing BBQ place called Hard Eight.  Such a fun atmosphere where you order your meat by the pound.  Very casual with fun country music playing.  

It was such a fun trip!

A little bit of catch up!

Things have been a little bit crazy here.  We have recently moved to Texas.  Before I get to that post I want to do a little bit of catch up.  

So, while we were in Utah for Christmas we left the kiddos with Brad's family and we did a mini vaca just the two of us.  We went up to Salt Lake City for a couple of days.  We mostly just did stuff we did when we were single.  We went to a couple of movies.  Did some nice dinners.  Went shopping.  It was such a nice break and very nice to have that time just the two of us! 

 I love this man so much! He is not bad to look at either :-)
 Temple Square.  We drove around for about 15 minutes looking for a parking spot and eventually gave up but we got this pretty picture.
 This was our delicious dessert at Tucanos.  Best dessert I have ever had!

Once we got home we got to try out all of our fun Christmas presents.
 Kids playing with their easel.
 I am trying out my new stone plate making some homemade pizza. Yum!

Before we moved some of our really good friends the Stephens moved all the way to Maryland.  Jason had such an amazing friendship with Elena and we were so sad to see them leave but excited for them and all their new adventures.

 Helping Natalie clean and pack up. (For those who read this Natalie is the one in the glasses)  Such a sweet person! I am so lucky to have met her and have her as a friend. 

At the beginning of February me and the kids got to visit my sister-in--law who had just had her first baby.  He is just darling.  Such a good baby. He was so little then.  Not so much anymore.  I am amazed every time I see him on skype or in pictures how much he has grown.