Saturday, November 8, 2008

Denver here we come!

Well Denver it is! Brad accepted the job offer in Denver on Friday and we sent in the paperwork. So it is official! So now we just have to try and find a place. That should be interesting. Brad told his boss that he would like to start in the middle of January so that should give us enough time to have the baby and move out there and have a couple days to get settled in. Once we are there Brad gets to leave me for a few days and go to a training in Houston. My mom is coming out for the birth so hopefully she will be able to come to Colorado with us and help me while he is gone... I have no idea what to do with a new born baby! I am so excited to move there! I have already started packing a little :-) Might as well while i am still mobile and i have the motivation. We just did a big dump at DI today... so that got rid of a lot of stuff! I am glad we have till January. I was worried we would have to move right away and i wouldnt be able to decorate for christmas. I almost put up the christmas tree today... but i stopped myself.

Monday, November 3, 2008

8 Weeks to go

We have eight weeks left and we are so ready to meet our little boy! And he is totally ready to come out. He is running out of room in my big belly. It is pretty awesome when he moves around and i can tell what body part i am feeling. It makes me very excited to see him and hold him. Sorry I haven't posted any pictures. I can't figure out how to post them without taking up the whole page... Brad is working on it. So the job hunt is almost over! Brad is just waiting on a call to finalize things. We are very excited but i am not going to say anything else just in case... i dont want to jinx anything!