Tuesday, May 28, 2013


At the beginning of April we moved down to Lewisville Texas. It was a long drive but we made it and we are so happy to be here.  We love the area we are in and our ward is great.  We have met some great people and feel so welcome.  I think Jason is finally starting to understand we will not be going back to Denver.  
Texas weather has actually been pretty amazing.  I was expecting it to be much warmer but we have had some pretty cool days and just beautiful weather.  I think it is finally starting to warm up and now we are getting a bunch of thunderstorms.  
The whole month of  April just flew by.  I was planning and preparing all of us to go to Disney World and a Disney cruise.  But some other exciting things happened.  I unpacked, we bought a new couch and love seat, I signed Jason up for preschool this fall, and we were happy to find out we are pregnant.  Baby Barrett #3 will be here November 6th.  Well, that is the due date so we will see.  I don't usually make it that long.  I actually found out I was pregnant when we lived in Denver.  We were keeping it a secret because we wanted to tell my parents in person at Disney World. We found out when I was about 4 weeks and I am now 17 weeks.  We have never waited that long to tell people.  It was so worth it! :-)
That is just about everything that has happened.  We got home fro Disney on Saturday and took a couple of days to recover.  I will have a few Disney posts. But just for fun here is a little sneak peak