Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He is getting so big!

So now that Jason is heathly we have been able to give him a lot more belly time and time to build up his muscles.  We have been working really hard on sitting up and the other day he did all by himself! It was a very emotional moment for me to see how big he is getting and to know that he isn't going to be a baby forever! 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well things are finally starting to calm down around here.  Jason is getting better every day and we find out on Monday if we can get rid of his oxygen.  We took it out the other night and he was not very happy when we had to put it back in.  Brads mom and sister left us on Wednesday and we enjoyed having them so much! They were such a big help and it was a lot of fun to have them here. Brads dad has been really busy at work so sadly he was able to make it.  Since Jason is feeling better we went to the outlet mall down in Castle rock today.  It was so nice to get out in the beautiful weather and spend time together as a family.  Since he has been sick i dont think we have been out of our house together expect to go to the hospital. So it was fun to get out and  to get some new clothes for all of us.  Jason is starting to out grow his three month stuff in the next few weeks he is will be in 6 month clothes! They grow so fast! :-) 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going Home!

Well today is the day we get to go home! Thank goodness! i am so sick of hospital food and this couch is not comfortable at all and it means jason is getting better! He does have to go home on oxygen and we have to give him breathing treatments every four hours but we get to go home!!! Woo Hoo! Jason is doing a lot better...he is eating more and he is a lot more playful.  The doctor said it will take a couple of weeks for him to get back to normal but he is getting better everyday! Brads family will be here soon and we are so excited to have them.  We are excited to see them and have a little help.  going home sick with a sick baby and a sick husband will not be easy to do on my own so it will be so nice to know i wont be by myself for a few days!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I am so ready for things to be back to normal.  I was very excited for this weekend so that we could all relax and recover from our sickness. Well Saturday morning i was giving jason his medicine for his ear infection and he wasnt keeping it down so i called them doctor and they wanted to see him so Brad and I headed over to the doctors office with jason and his oxygen was lower than they liked so they sent us over to the ER.  The ER got us in pretty quick and they hooked jason up to monitor his oxygen.  Finally the doctor got there and listened to him and could tell that he had some sort of virus.  so they sent in the Peds doctor and eventually told us that he is RSV positive.  So we get into a room and they try to get an IV in him not once, not twice, not three times but they tried four times and finally they decided to wait till sunday morning to try again.  Then They took him early sunday morning and stuck him two more times and Finally got the IV in him. He was very dehydrated so he slept all day! thanks goodness.  He was exhausted from everything.  He does look a little better but he is still pretty sick and the doctor just checked him a minutes ago and said we will probably be here a couple more days! Jason is being very strong and hardly ever complains. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So things have been a little crazy around here.  Jason and I went to Indiana for a week to spend time with my family because my mom had surgery.  It was nice to see them and we had lots of fun but i will never leave Brad again for that long... it was the longest week ever!! Then once we got back Jason and I both got sick and I am just now getting over my cold.  Poor little Jason sounds horrible.  He caught a cold and then that cold caused an ear infection.  It is so sad to see him like this but we went to the doctor and got hm some medicine so he should be feeling better in the next few days! Thank Goodness.  I miss him being happy but i have to tell you he is such a trooper! He has been so good through this whole sickness but we are ready for him to be better!