Saturday, December 18, 2010

Disney World part 3

Well here are a few more pictures

The castle at night time...This was my favorite!
All the girls in their Minnie ears (little Lily was cut out on accident)
All the boys in their Mickey ears and Brad in his Goofy ears
Me and my wonderful husband infront of the castle
This was the funniest thing ever...they totally fell asleep like this!
Beauty and the Beast
Little Bailey in her Minnie outfit
Lily holding Bailey
Lexi holding Bailey
Bailey and her Nana
Jason Hugging Tigger
The boys in their cute colts outfit
Me and tigger (I had to get this picture because my Dad nicknamed me Tigger when I was little)
Jason with Goofy and Pluto
Jason with Minnie

Friday, December 10, 2010

Disney World continued

I told you I took a lot of pictures. So here is part two of our disney world fun!

Me and Brad on the ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom
Cute little Bailey at 'Ohana
Daddy making Bailey smile
After riding buzz lightyear
Brad infront of the castle
Jason with Handy Manny
Me an Brad at Osborne light show
Nana with Jason and Sam
Jason, Sam, and Gavin
The birthday group

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When you wish upon a star part 1

Over Thanksgiving we went to Disney World with my family. I think there was a total of 16 people and it was a Blast! We were there for 10 days and got to go to all the parks at least twice. It was so fun to get to spend all that time with family and have a great time! I wanted to break this post up into two parts because i have a lot of pictures to share...I might have to do three! I hope you enjoy!

The castle at the magic kingdom
The castle and all the Christmas decorations.
Jason waiting at the airport...he can't wait to see Mickey Mouse!!!
At the hotel we stayed at the first couple of nights.
Goofy was the first character we saw and I still wasn't sure how Jason would react to them but he Loved all the characters!
Jason and Pappy
Bailey with her Nana and Pappy
Me and my sweet was so nice to have him all to myself for 12 whole days!!!
Pirate Jason at Disney world. All the boy cousins go to dress up as pirates while all the girl cousins dressed up as princesses. Lexi was Cinderella, Lily was Tiana , and Bailey was Belle.

Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

We have been pretty busy around here so I am a little behind on my posts. So this year we decided to set up the tree a little early because we had a long vacation and then Brad is out of town for the rest of December. Setting everything up was a lot of fun this year since Jason was able to help and enjoyed it.

Jason helping spread out the branches on the tree.
Helping Daddy put up the ornaments
Helping mommy put up more ornaments
Bailey just doing her thing :-)
The finished product. As you can tell our tree is very basic due to a certain little one that is really good at breaking things!