Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hospital stay and Halloween

I am trying really hard to catch up.  There is always something going on.  I feel like I don't ever have time to write a blog post but there are so many things going on in our life that I want to blog about.  Hopefully one day I will catch up.

At the beginning on September Parker was sick.  I am not a mom who runs to the Dr when my kid has a cold.  It was the normal runny nose and cough.  No fever and he definitely did not act like he was sick.  He was his normal bouncing off the walls and tons of energy self.  I noticed after about a week of being sick he was a little wheezy when he was breathing.  So I took him to the Dr.  Everything checked out fine and they sent us home.  This happened FOUR times until finally in October they admitted him to the hospital.  He had walking pneumonia and he has asthma.  It was very frustrating that it took so long for them to finally take care of him but I felt so blessed that I listened to those promptings to continue to take him to the doctor.  Like I said before I don't just go to the doctor for a cold.  Going to the doctor is something I put off as long as possible.  I was beginning to feel like a crazy paranoid mother.  After going two or three times and them saying he just has a cold and just keep doing what I was doing.  

Another blessing was Brad had just flew home from a work trip and was able to stay in the hospital with him.  Ava was still so little.  So I was able to go home with her at night.  It was a horrible situation but we could not ignore all the blessings in that difficult time.  

Honestly, Parker was amazing through it all.  It could have been a lot worse.  I think I complained more than he did. 

We were so happy to finally get home after a week.  Soon after we got home it was Parkers birthday.  Man was he spoiled.  He was so happy with all of his gifts but the Ginormous bag of chocolate and the Hulk from Dave and Burt was hands down his favorite and mine ( I might have had a few pieces of chocolate)   Once he turned two we decided it was time for a big boy bed.  Of course he wanted avengers bedding.  

Halloween was a lot of fun but we were a little nervous with having a little baby and Parker just getting out of the hospital.  He wanted to run around so bad but would get tired out really fast.  The kids looked awesome.  They had such a great time with friends and had a blast handing out candy when we got home.

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