Monday, April 25, 2016

Bailey's Birthday and Visitors

After Ava was born we had a few weeks to get ready for Bailey's birthday.  She had some friends over to play and enjoy some cupcakes. I can't believe she is 5! She is smart, spunky, artistic, happy, and loves her family.  

I have really been trying to get Parker into books.  He is my one child who really does not like books.  I guess I shouldn't say he doesn't like books he just really does not like sitting still.  He is one of the most active kids I know.  He is always on the move.  Loves to explore and figure things out.  He can also be very sneaky and mischievous.  

Shortly after Ava was born we had some visitors. My parents and my Granny came down to Texas.  It was so nice to have them here and I know the kids loved the extra attention.  And Ava Loved all the snuggles from Nana and Granny.  

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